5 ways to make your mobile app stand out from the competition

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16 February 2018
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5 ways to make your mobile app stand out from the competition

Mobile app creation is a strategy that a lot of companies decide to adopt, and rightly so. It’s an interesting tool on many levels, as the app can be used for marketing purposes, for fostering loyalty from your customer base, improving their user experience and building your brand identity.

However, due to the overwhelming number of programs available on app stores and other platforms offered on mobile phones, you will have to think about the aspects that will attract people’s attention.

With that being said, the next challenge is to make the app useful, even essential, and to convince your current and potential clients that they need it.

Oftentimes, people have a limited amount of space available on their mobile devices (phones and tablets), which means that they are not ready to download just anything. And even if they end up downloading the app, if they find that it is not useful to them, they will end up erasing it. This is what we absolutely want to avoid. In order to convince people to download your app and above all, to keep it, you will have to dedicate plenty of time and effort to create a product that is worth the work (and costs!).

The 5 following elements will help you create a business mobile app that stands out and that people will want to use:

1) Knowing how to target your potential users’ needs

First of all, in order for an application to earn success, it has to be able to answer the needs of those who are a part of your current customer base and target market. Depending on the type of service you offer, the app could be complementary, fun and easy to use. Ask yourself a few questions, and don’t hesitate to ask your customers to know about which features could help ensure their loyalty and improve their experience as a client.

2) Paying attention to the design

The visual appearance of the app has to be a top priority, both when developing the app and during subsequent updates. A design that is eye-catching and efficient will draw attention and make the user’s experience much more enjoyable. Don’t let your color and image choices up to chance. Think about how the elements will be laid out and make sure that all the important features stand out.

3) Working on the app’s written content

Despite the fact that people have increasingly short attention spans and tend to skim through pages, the written content present on the app is extremely important. Are the instructions clear? Is the writing catchy? Written content should not be neglected even if the visual elements are specifically made to stand out. Lacking talent as a writer? Collaborate with experts who will find the right words to speak to your users.

4) Working constantly on optimizing the app

So you’ve launched your app and it’s already getting good results? Above all, do not rest on your laurels! Even if you manage to quickly gain traction with users, this does not mean that everything is perfect and there is no room for improvement. Continuously test your app, ask for user feedback and observe each aspect point by point. Is the user experience enjoyable?

If applicable, is the sales funnel efficient? Are users signing on frequently? You should be able to answer all these questions and make adjustments according to the information you get from your investigations. After all, a mobile app is not meant to stay frozen in time. It is absolutely normal, even highly recommended, to complete updates.

Moreover, even if certain features work well in the beginning, after a certain amount of time, improvements may be in order. Lastly, this aspect also concerns how the app runs. Make sure that the app loads quickly and that the links between different elements are efficient. People don’t like wasting time and will quickly abandon an app that creates frustration, even when it can be useful.

5) Devoting time to how the app is featured

Even if you have managed to develop an app that is extremely useful and attractive, you could still have a hard time finding your audience due to the substantial amount of products offered on app stores. To attract users, you will have to use all your resources that offer visibility, such as your social media accounts, newsletters and website.

Your marketing strategy should be clear. If you feel that it could help, why not call on influencers who have access to a large audience? Of course, you must make sure to choose the right people so that your strategy remains coherent.

Lastly, to be very convincing in contrast with the competition, you will have to dedicate a lot of effort to the overview page for your app on the different app stores. Create a nice icon, write a detailed description and include screen grabs that offer a preview of the program and its features.

Ideally, you will also have a large number of positive evaluations on your overview page. That is why it is so important that you make sure that your app works well and that it satisfies the users. In order to get comments, do not hesitate to send a message to your users and ask them to share their feedback.

Author: Léa Plourde-Archer is an editor and content writer at B2BQuotes.com, a company that connects companies and web marketing service providers.

Cover photo: Unsplash

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