Marie Eve Tanguay

18 March 2020

Hiring an Intern: Contributing to the society of tomorrow

Entrepreneurs, why should you hire an intern, particularly in video game programming?  Simple: It’s because most of the time, it costs you nothing (or close to […]
11 July 2018

Fringe Benefits: Guaranteed Happiness?

Fringe Benefits: Guaranteed Happiness? Several businesses have recently started taking their employees on vacation once per year. These types of initiatives usually make their way around […]
10 May 2018

Entrepreneurs, why should you join a networking group?

Once you become an entrepreneur, networking becomes a required habit to increasing revenue. You practically have to make a sport out of it! But establishing quality […]
29 March 2018

5 ways to make your mobile app stand out from the competition

Mobile app creation is a strategy that a lot of companies decide to adopt, and rightly so. It’s an interesting tool on many levels, as the […]