Entrepreneurs, why should you join a networking group?

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Entrepreneurs, why should you join a networking group?

Once you become an entrepreneur, networking becomes a required habit to increasing revenue. You practically have to make a sport out of it! But establishing quality connections can take some time. That’s why joining a networking group, like a BNI, is an excellent idea!

5 reasons to join a networking group

  1. We establish trusting, long-lasting business relationships.

Normally, members of a networking group meet regularly. With BNI, we meet for breakfast every week. By seeing each other regularly, we manage to build trusting relationships. Our business development meetings and group activities organised apart from the weekly breakfast allow us to get to know each other better. That way, we’re able to properly recommend our colleagues’ services to our entourage (parents, friends, suppliers, employees, etc.)

  1. We get an energy boost.

Meeting individuals motivated not only to grow their business, but also to represent our business daily, is stimulating! We know that the other members are always thinking of us. They’ve developed the reflex to talk about our services to the people they rub shoulders with. They come to our events (ex.: launch parties, happy hours, benefits…). They like our Facebook and LinkedIn posts, and share them. Personally, just being part of the BNI gives me a solid dose of energy.

  1. We obtain support.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy. We can run into difficulties with suppliers, employees, clients… By meeting other entrepreneurs, we feel less isolated.We feel understood. We also find solutions! In other words, a networking group allows us to express our frustrations, and that can really do some good for morale!

  1. We’re surrounded by experts in multiple fields.

In a networking group, there are members from every field. Finances, management, insurance, law, health, computer science… As an entrepreneur, we must absolutely keep a well-stocked toolbox. When a problem arises, we want reliable help, and we want it now! Being part of a networking group, we are well equipped to deal with challenges on a daily basis, and it can be really reassuring!

  1. We make money!

Our ambassadors – the members who sit around the table – help build our business by providing qualified recommendations. We obtain contracts almost without effort and, obviously, we make money! Of course, joining a networking group demands a certain investment, but it is well worth the cost! Take it from me!

How do you choose your networking group?

We have to choose our networking group based on our values and our needs. For example, BNI is a well-structured organisation, and that helps avoid any wasted time. As far as I’m concerned, that’s perfect, because every minute of an entrepreneur’s day counts. We also compile statistics to measure our team’s performance. BNI also has a formative side, which is rewarding on a personal level. Notably, we learn to express ourselves in public and prepare a good sales pitch.

Evidently, the best way to know if a networking group is a good match for you is to pay us a visit!

Do you want to meet my team, BNI Réseau Énergie? Write me! We’ll organize it.


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