Entrepreneurship: The 5 Secrets to my Success

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Entrepreneurship: The 5 Secrets to my Success

Hi there!  My name is Simon Dansereau.  I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2014, and my company, Triple Boris, an independent video game and mobile application studio, just keeps growing.  We recently hired our 15th employee!  As a business leader, I don‘t pretend to be perfect.  However, I have developed habits that contribute to my success.  Allow me to reveal 5 of my secrets…

  1. Keep up to Date

As soon as my alarm rings in the morning, I pick up my smartphone to check my emails.  I don’t generally reply to messages immediately (I’m still in bed!)  I just want to get an idea of the day ahead of me.  Then, I open LinkedIn and Facebook.  I scroll through what has been published over the last few hours.  Are there any businesses to which I can offer my services?  I check if there are any articles worth sharing with my network or recommending to one of my contacts.  I’m up to date with the most recent offers and news (transactions, new releases, launches…) in my field.

  1. Organize Your Emails

When I step into the office, I take a look at my calendar.  I add in some appointments or networking events.  Evidently, I depend on my emails.  In fact, I check my inbox MULTIPLE times a day.  I consider it my to-do list.  I sort the messages as I go.  I keep only what is important.  I archive the rest.  I make sure to respond to each of my interlocutors quickly.  In fact, that’s one of Triple Boris’ core values:  We don’t keep anyone waiting!

  1. Share Information

For some time now, we’ve been using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.  It allows us to group our current and prospective clients’ information all in one place.  Personally, I believe that the sharing of information is essential to a business’ success.  It’s also why we record each one of our Skype meetings and store the audio on our server.

  1. Meet with Employees Regularly

Each week, we hold a group meeting to discuss our current and upcoming projects.  But that’s not all!  My schedule has a block of time reserved specifically for my employees.  They enter my office in turn to talk about their needs, their expectations, their worries, etc.  I want to keep my finger on the pulse of how things are going with my team to make sure that I can, when possible, make the necessary changes to ensure everyone remains happy.

  1. Network

I’ve networked. I network. I will network!  In all seriousness, I participate in several networking events every week, morning, noon, or night.  For example, I am a member of the local BNI chapter (which I will cover in a future article).  Of course, I concentrate on activities that I consider “profitable”.  I choose them according to the field in question, the people attending, and the subjects broached.  Certain events offer conferences or training (stress management, coaching, accounting, etc.)  In my opinion, every opportunity to acquire new skills is worth the time!

As an entrepreneur, I don’t watch the clock.  Triple Boris is a part of me from sunrise to sunset.  I do, however, try to keep a certain balance by regularly participating in sports and spending time with my family.  I’ll admit, it isn’t always easy…

Are you an entrepreneur?  I want to know your secrets, too.  Share them with me!



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