Hiring a consultant: 5 undeniable advantages

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8 January 2018
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Hiring a consultant: 5 undeniable advantages

Hiring a consultant…  You’ve already thought about it, but have yet to venture into that unknown territory.  Is it worth it?  The simple answer is yes.  We’ll even give you 5 undeniable advantages to using Triple Boris’ consultation services.

  1. Consultant = Complementarity

A consultant normally comes along with a start date and an end date.  That signifies that this specialist is there temporarily to complete a specific task or to satisfy a particular need.  For example, by hiring a consultant, you avoid putting too much pressure on the shoulders of your permanent employees during busy periods and preserve workplace harmony.  Also, staff members rarely feel threatened by the presence of a consultant.  There is therefore no jealousy or competition, and the consultant is seen more as an appreciated resource.

  1. Consultant = Objectivity

Since he isn’t part of the business, a consultant has all the necessary qualifications to paint a completely objective picture of the situation.  He does not let himself be influenced by his personal views; he looks at each task or element without preconceived notions.  When you opt for a consultant, you obtain impartial and often innovative solutions.  After all, thinking outside the box is easier for those who don’t live within it!

  1. Consultant = Expertise

A consultant is a specialist in a given domain.  By hiring a professional, you obtain his expertise.  You also benefit from his experience and his advice.  A consultant will provide new approaches, but more importantly, will help you avoid many headaches.  And yes, it’s ok to admit that we can’t always fix everything on our own.

At Triple Boris, our consultants have constant access to the memory of the collective team.  In other words, our employees away on missions can always count on the support of their colleagues back at base if ever a problem is encountered.  It’s part of our company philosophy:  Alone, we may go faster, but together, we will go further!

  1. Consultant = Efficiency

A consultant is a person who is flexible, available, and above all, autonomous.  He is there for as long as it takes to complete a project or accomplish a task.  His goal?  Complete the mandate according to schedule and established standards.  You renew his services only as long as they are necessary.  Don’t worry, he won’t be upset if you don’t need him any longer; it means he has reached the established objective.  When on mission, there’s no advantage for a consultant to allow contracts to drag on longer than necessary.  His mandate is to extinguish fires, and perhaps even occasionally save some furniture.  No time to waste!

  1. Consultant = Savings

You think that a consultant is expensive?  True, it isn’t cheap.  That being said, the expense is well worth it if it allows you to avoid overloading your employees by assigning them tasks that will only get half-done due to lack of time or knowledge.  You only pay for effective time.  You also save on a multitude of unpleasant fees:  Insurance, CNESST, source deductions, contributions to employment insurance and pensions plans, vacations, sick days, and so on.  Additionally, you have the possibility to discuss how and when the payments can be made.  That advantage isn’t negligible!

As you can now see, hiring a consultant pays off.  If you need support to improve your video game, properly start or end your project, or create an application, get in touch with us.  We have the resources to make your projects a reality.

Simon Dansereau




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