Hiring an Intern: Contributing to the society of tomorrow

Fringe Benefits: Guaranteed Happiness?
11 July 2018

Hiring an Intern: Contributing to the society of tomorrow

Entrepreneurs, why should you hire an intern, particularly in video game programming?  Simple: It’s because most of the time, it costs you nothing (or close to it)!

You know me as Triple Boris’ founder, but several times a week, I wear my teaching hat at Bois-de-Boulogne College, where I also manage the Video Game Programmer ACS program.

To obtain their diploma, an Attestation of Collegial Studies, our students must complete an internship.  Unfortunately, each year, our graduates hit a wall.  With my support, the students prepare a list of companies where they would like to complete their internship, ready their papers, and send out their applications.  Wouldn’t you know it, most businesses don’t even take the time to send back a response.  It’s extremely frustrating!

Yet, taking on an intern in video game programming from Bois-de-Boulogne College is FREE!  It’s a credited internship, therefore no remuneration is necessary.  As far as insurance is concerned, that’s covered by the school.  The students even receive a small sum from Emploi Quebec.  But you’d prefer to pay your interns?  No problem!  There are several interesting grants and subsidies available to you.  You’ll even get a tax credit!

Hiring an Intern: A Social Act

Our future graduates are polished, talented, devoted, and efficient!  I know, because I know them!  You have an old bug hanging around because you don’t have the time and resources to fix it?  Take on an intern!  Our graduates are autonomous and can resolve issues on their own without taking your time.  By the end of their internship, they will be ready to hire.

By hiring an intern, you transform an unemployed person into a contributing taxpayer! You’re helping your society!  Not to mention, programmers graduating from Bois-de-Boulogne College are admissible to a wage subsidy from Emploi Quebec.  Well friends, what are you waiting for?

We’ve all had to start somewhere in life.  As business owners, I believe we have to provide a helping hand to those who decide to take charge of their lives and develop new skills.  If a small company like Triple Boris can hire interns, anyone can!

Give back what you’ve received. Share your knowledge. Because it’s an important way of guaranteeing your future!  


5 Additional Reasons to Hire an Intern

An intern:

  • lowers your current employees’ workload;
  • increases the efficiency and productivity of your business;
  • brings a new dynamic to your team and a new set of eyes on current company practices;
  • contributes to the improvement of your business’ reputation (society will see it as your willingness to share knowledge);
  • is a future employee trained just the way you want!

Are you looking to hire a graduate or take on an intern?  Communicate with schools such as Bois-de-Boulogne College.  They’re always looking for new internship settings.

Simon Dansereau


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