iOS or Android? We love both… and we’re allowed!

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18 December 2017

iOS or Android? We love both… and we’re allowed!

Here at Triple Boris, we say no to the haters!  We love working with Apple products and the iOS environment.  That being said, Android has some undeniable qualities as well.  Several of our team members use this operating system and are entirely satisfied.  So stop arguing or I’ll turn this car around!

But why do we love iOS?

The main advantages of the iOS environment are:

  • absolute compatibility across all Apple products;
  • a pleasant user experience;
  • free upgrades available to everyone.

The biggest inconvenience?  Apple products are very expensive!  However, we’re seeing a trend of more and more Android smartphones reaching the same prices.

And why do we love Android?

The main advantages of the Android environment are:

  • a high level of customization;
  • a free, open, and flexible approach (the operating system is meant to be suitable for more than just one device; there is no exclusiveness, like Apple);
  • a high level of integration between the applications and the operating system.

The biggest inconveniences?  The interfaces vary greatly between products.  The screen resolution, for example, is a constant source of headaches for mobile application and game developers.  Additionally, the never-ending list of devices of varying generations makes upgrading difficult.  Why?  Because the manufacturer decides when to release the updates.  It doesn’t even pass by Google, the OS’ developer…

The science-fiction writer H.G. Wells philosophised:  “We always have the faults of our qualities, but rarely the qualities of our faults”.

Triple Boris says: “Live and let live!”

Simply having the iOS and Android operating systems around forces businesses to compete using ingenuity.  Who likes monopolies?  Who hates having choice?  No one I know!  The important thing is to purchase a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc…) that meets your needs.  You don’t have to justify your decision.  In other words, don’t worry about what your neighbor thinks!

One thing’s for sure, Triple Boris doesn’t discriminate.  Our team develops games and mobile applications compatible with both iOS and Android.  Why?  Because we want to reach – and cater to! – as many people as possible.

Do you have questions about any of our services?  Write us!


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