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Left-Right : The Mansion

Left-Right: The Mansion is a little game about a boy, Billy, whose dog named Gigi ran away inside a big mansion. He must journey through this MYSTERIOUS place, where he will have to find and remember the right path in order to find her. Every room will challenge him with a simple choice to make: LEFT or RIGHT. Two doors, yet only one will make him go forward; the other one will bring him back to the beginning.

Released : February 23rd, 2017

Available for iOS and Android

Tiny Derby

Tiny Derby is an action-puzzle mobile game where little critters compete in short and frantic races. Your role is to put hazards on the race track to hinder the bad guys and help out the good guys.

Date de sortie : Novembre 2017

ViRus 4.0

The project ViRus 4.0 will be a collaborative virtual reality experience accessible to the general public. In solo or in team, the player will be able to live a new adventure of the type "first person shooter" on rail. He will enter a post-apocalyptic futuristic story where he will have to become a hero to save his skin and that of his peers.

With the financial support of :
Canadian Media Funds

Planned release : 2019

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